Protecting your data is our top concern.  In today’s world, websites becoming compromised is becoming more and more frequent. One way to prevent this is with strong password requirements.

We have several requirements that must be met to change your password:

  1. Password Must Be Changed Every 180 Days
  2. Must Be Between 8 And 15 Characters Long
  3. Must Contain At Least 1 Upper Case1 Lower Case And 1 Number
  4. Can Not Be Your Name, User Name
  5. Can Not Be The Same As Your Last 10 Passwords
  6. Can Not Contain Simple Dictionary Words

Many users can become blocked by the Simple Dictionary Words.  We have identified 19,000 words between 5 and 9 characters that are very well published password lists.  We prevent any password with a simple dictionary word in the password.

Strategies to overcome this include

  • Replacing a part of the word with a symbol (ie Aircraft = A1rcr@ft)
  • Adding a special character inside the word (ie Aircraft = Air#craft)
  • Not using words at all.  Consider using a random string of letters, numbers and symbols

With your help, we can protect Digital AirWare and your service’s data.