Digital AirWare was founded by an A&P mechanic, Joaquin DeMoreta in 2007. Joaquin noticed that each of the existing aviation maintenance software has some good features, but no software had all the features that are needed to fully run an aviation program. By integration and lots of customization Digital AirWare was born.

Since that time, Digital AirWare has grown from an online aviation maintenance program to an advanced Aviation Management Program. Digital AirWare continues to grow each week as features are added and designs are streamlined. One of the signature features is the Custom Forms section. Every service has forms they use for day to day operations. Digital AirWare uses a unique form interface to build digital copies of your existing forms. This allows all data to be available for reporting and summarize this data over time. Any reporting and data analysis is now available to you with a few clicks of a mouse.

We remain committed to providing you with a unique opportunity that no other service can even begin to touch.

Recently, we have migrated our focus from maintenance to operations. A comprehensive software to manage nearly all aspects of small to mid sized operations. We have built out sections to include inventory control, work orders, flight tracking, safety management (risk matrices & shift release), flight ops document warehousing, aircraft scheduling, user time cards and so much more.

We keep adding new features to simplify the oversight of an operation while keeping data input from the crews to as minimal as possible. Digital AirWare is not a static product. We routinely survey our clients and add new features and improvements based on your input. This mentality has kept Digital AirWare in the lead of any other software and it is our mission for 100% customer satisfaction.