Digital AirWare has several options for data export and archiving of data.  We will discuss the benefits and operations of each below:

1.) System Export (Full System Dump of database and documents/images) [Automatic]

The System Export feature is a completely automated solution that will create a SQL database backup file of only the tables which contain data for your service.  In addition, all of your documents and images will be added in and placed in a password protected zip file.

On the first of each month, this process will run and create export and place this file in a Secure FTP (sFTP) site for your download.

After the initial zip file is created, differential backups are used from then on.  The database will be always be a full backup, but only documents/images added since the last export will be included in subsequent downloads.

This feature is available to any service by creating a support request referencing Automatic System Export.

2.) Form Export via Reports Menu (Backup of Forms Only) [Manual]

In the reports menu, there is a special report called “Forms Export”.  This will create a single large PDF of each form that you select.  Filters include Aircraft, Date, and User.  This report creation time will vary depending on the number of forms selected.   Once the queue begins, you will see an estimated time to completion and the download will begin once all forms have been processed.

This feature is available to any user with Reports access.

3.) PDF/XLS/CSV Export Of Individual Items/Tables/Reports [Manual]

Individual tables/reports/outputs through out Digital AirWare will have a tables tools section located in the top right hand corner of the output.  These tools can be used to export data into Print View, CSV (comma seperated values), XLS (Microsoft Excel), system Clipboard, and PDF formats.

This feature is used on individual result sets & reports and available at any time.