Take A Look Around, Inspections

The inspections section secures all of your mechanic inspections. Each item allows the correct person to sign off the inspection was done and also upload the document supporting the work was done. When an inspection is due, the mechanic prints off the default inspection page from the PDF associated, fills out the sheet, and scans the document back into the inspection. All documentation is kept with the inspection along with time and date stamps of who completed the inspection. Finding out who did any inspection five years ago is now just a click away.

There are two sub-types of specially designated inspections in Digital AirWare also.
Pilot Specific inspections –
This allows pilots to complete only these inspections, while keeping time and date stamps of when they were completed also.
“Special Inspections” –
There are inspections tracked over time such as Engine Oil added or Transmission Oil added. This allows a quick count of how much Engine Oil was added over a period of time.