Month: December 2014

Form – Formulas and functions

There are embedded features that you can utilize to capture and control the flow of data flow inside forms.     Commands must be entered on the Additional Information line of the form field using the Form Editor. Only one command can be used per form field, however multiple formulas and functions can affect a particular field. Commands will typically placed… Read more →

Editing Base Out Of Service Times

Base Out Of Service Times are saved from Pilots and Mechanics from the Status Board.  Periodically, these times may need to be updated to the time that events occurred.   1.) Select Bases from the User Options Menu   2.) Expand the Base you need to edit.         3.) Click View Base OOS History from the accordion… Read more →

Password Requirements

Protecting your data is our top concern.  In today’s world, websites becoming compromised is becoming more and more frequent. One way to prevent this is with strong password requirements. We have several requirements that must be met to change your password: Password Must Be Changed Every 180 Days Must Be Between 8 And 15 Characters Long Must Contain At Least… Read more →