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Form Formulas

Formulas can be used to automate form features. Example: If you want to add Field #1 and Field #2 together and place the result into Field #3, place the following code into the “Additional Info” line on Field #3 Field #1 (ID:3456) Contains the Daytime Arrests Field #2 (ID:4456) Contains the Nightime Arrests Field #3 (ID:4501) Will contain the total of… Read more →

Report Access

We have released an update that will allow Reports to be give to specific users and/or groups of users. Users that have “Super User” or “User Admin” privileges are able to configure the access to each report. NOTE: All reports are initially placed into the “Default” category which grants access to all users with the “Report Access” permission, “Super User”… Read more →

Form Automatic Email Notifications

The Form Email Notification feature will automatically send an email to the user completing the form and also to a list of email addresses.  This feature can be used to notify an outside agency or monitoring system of pertinent events with in your operation (ie FAA notification of Drone activity or FAA notification of Laser Strikes).   This feature is… Read more →

Flight Tracking

Digital AirWare can integrate with virtually any satellite flight tracking service.   Providers We Already Integrate With: We have APIs to integrate with SpiderTracks(TM), Guardian Mobility (TM) and SkyTrac (TM). If your service uses a different flight tracking service, we will most likely be able to integrate this feed into Digital AirWare. Other Data Sources: In addition to flight tracking,… Read more →

Data Export Features

Digital AirWare has several options for data export and archiving of data.  We will discuss the benefits and operations of each below:   1.) System Export (Full System Dump of database and documents/images) [Automatic] The System Export feature is a completely automated solution that will create a SQL database backup file of only the tables which contain data for your service.… Read more →

Disaster Recovery Planning

Web server failure: Upon failure of a web server, the web server will be removed from the load balancer and be re-assigned from the forward facing security group to a restricted security group (preventing access to the private subnet and outbound internet connections). The web server will then be troubleshooted through a review of the event logs to determine the… Read more →

Information For IT Providers

The following sections address common questions that arise regarding the Information Technology structure of Digital AirWare. Is Digital AirWare Cloud Based? Yes, all of our hardware is inside the Amazon Government Cloud. What are the hosting options available and can we host the software? We host the software on a variety of servers in the Amazon Government Cloud. This allows… Read more →

Form – Formulas and functions

There are embedded features that you can utilize to capture and control the flow of data flow inside forms.     Commands must be entered on the Additional Information line of the form field using the Form Editor. Only one command can be used per form field, however multiple formulas and functions can affect a particular field. Commands will typically placed… Read more →

Password Requirements

Protecting your data is our top concern.  In today’s world, websites becoming compromised is becoming more and more frequent. One way to prevent this is with strong password requirements. We have several requirements that must be met to change your password: Password Must Be Changed Every 180 Days Must Be Between 8 And 15 Characters Long Must Contain At Least… Read more →